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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dance Lessons

A wise person once said "Life isn't about waiting for storms to's about learning to dance in the rain!"

Although this quote is not specifically accredited to my grandfather it has the depth reminiscent of something he would say. It brought to mind a poem that I published a few years ago while dealing with some baffling challenges of life. I read it again recently, and in retrospect, obviously I understand better what I was going through then, but just couldn't see at that time.

I think there are times in life where God allows us to get into a position where we have no other choice but to trust Him and it is in those times that we grow. I believe that most everyone is in one of three places when it comes to the trials of life, either you are deep in one, coming out of one or headed into one. I am not trying to rain on your parade, just encouraging you to recognize the opportunities you have to learn to dance.

I wanted to share this poem with you in the hope that the next time you are in a trial you can read it, and maybe it will help you as it did me. When you read it and take a moment to consider the gravity the lesson, if you don't mind, leave me a comment with your thoughts, I would really appreciate your feedback. Be Blessed.


Life’s ironies and life’s mysteries,

seem to always travel together.

Floating swift throughout our lives

much like birds of a feather.

Revealing their perplexities

enigma beyond explanation.

Bewilderment that tests your faith,

to the essence of your creation.

The answers to the puzzles they pose

aren’t discovered in any class.

No study guide, no fine print found,

beneath a magnifying glass.

Yet those lessons learned will forge you,

into what your character displays.

Then time will mend you, as you pretend to,

understand their mysterious ways.

You see, to the degree you comprehend,

that much more difficult the tests become.

It seems irony tends to step in again

when the mystery has been performed

Therefore complexities and complications

will manifest without cease.

Let me offer this suggestion,

as you endeavor to find your peace.

Tests and trials will come our way

that’s a fact, no need to doubt it.

Victory isn’t in understanding what was done to you,

but understanding what to do about it.

Copyright © 1999 by William T. Holt


  1. You are a man full of amazing wisdom...I love you Desiree

  2. Hey I really like the poem and the line at the end brings home a real truth. The hard part about making it through a trial is not focusing on the negative. Good stuff. Thanks

  3. Just thought I would let you know.. How much I really enjoy your blog..I've printed everyone of them and have them saved in a folder..a few times that I have been approched for advise and wasnt sure what to say I have given it to friends to read and I just tell them its from a blog of a friend thats full of wisdom.And they all agree that atleast one of your blogs have helped in some way.. soo from all of my friend to you THANK YOU!!! thank you for taking the time and fulling us all with some great words..


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