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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bank on this!!

My grandfather used to say “Everyone has a bank account and for those you love, you should be sure that your deposits outnumber your withdrawals.”

It’s true, everyone has a bank account, but my grandfather was not referring to the brick and mortar bank that most people associate bank accounts to. What he is referring to is the bank account of the heart that we all possess, and his words admonish us to pay attention that our deposits outnumber our withdrawals, especially for those we love. Why is that you ask? Great question, let me explain with three simple points.

First, when it comes to the bank account of our hearts, it is important to remember that deposits and withdrawals happen moment by moment. Every interaction that you have with those you love is either a deposit or a withdrawal, from the first interaction of the day to the last. These deposits and withdrawals do not merely affect your relationship with your loved ones, but can have a profound effect on their entire day, mood or perception. An old saying comes to mind, that a smile is one of the most contagious things in the world…go out and start an epidemic.

Second, we should know that when it comes to our heart banks, the sizes of our withdrawals are usually three times the size of our deposits. Why is that? Well, for most people pain stains the memory and pleasure is like a fleeting moment, so an act of unkindness will linger longer than kindness. Think about it, when someone hurt you last, was it more impactful than their last act of kindness? I imagine it is because we don’t expect unkindness from those we love, so when it happens, it takes more time to deal with it.

Last but certainly not least, it is imperative to remember that we are not the only ones making deposits and withdrawals in the heart bank accounts of our loved ones. Why is that important? Well, sometimes they may have had a withdrawal from someone else that ends up affecting their relationship with you causing a withdrawal from your bank. If we can consider this point at that time, we can actually make a deposit with them, in the midst of their withdrawal. Another reason this is important is that when you are making deposits in the heart account of your loved one the deposits of others are not as significant, but when your withdrawals begin to deplete the account, the deposits of others become much more impressionable and the opportunity for major issues arise…for example, when you continually find fault in your spouse, the compliments of their co-worker have an opportunity to make an impression…think about it.

I know this is a long entry, but the subject is immense in depth and importance. Like our financial back accounts, let’s focus on making deposits in the heart accounts our loved ones, until we become MILLIONAIRES!! Be Blessed.

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  1. haha good job lol i like the ending....the "Millionaires" part..good job daddy! love ya



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