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Friday, January 22, 2010

"Real Heroes" Poem (By Popular Request)

My last post was a call for heroes and as I continue to see the images of destruction and tragedy coming from our neighbor Haiti, I want to continue the call. Yes there is help slowly but surely arriving, but the need is still monumental. I am doing what I can where I can and part of that is reaching out for help. As you read this poem, I hope that it stirs something in your heart that motivates you to make a difference. Be Blessed

Real Heroes

When real heroes are born there are no celebrations, or ticker tape parades.
No millions paid for their baby picture on a trendy magazine page.
Just a quiet moment in history, future beneficiaries will regard,
as predestined appointments, divinely set, by an omnipotent and loving God.
The silver screen may suggest to us how our heroes should appear.
Those confident and chiseled representations, without the hindrance of fear.
But real heroes aren’t dawned from alien origins, nor have talents built in their genes,
just average people doing extraordinary things, with courage from places unseen.
You see, real heroes are all among us, and most never realize their worth,
because they’re the humble, selfless advocates, the human salt that flavors the earth.

Their feats of magnitude are not proclaimed for praise or remuneration,
you’ll find their powers revealed in a moment of action, not in boastful conversation.
They don’t have laser beams or teleport, or leap buildings in a single bound.
They’re brave souls that arrive in uniform, when twin towers come tumbling down.
Or the encouraging voice that whispers hope, to souls lost in despair and gloom,
preventing a note being found with a lifeless body, alone, in a darkened room.
It’s the soldier that makes the sacrifice, in a foreign and hostile land,
paying the price for the debt of freedom…for us strangers…their fellow man.
The visitor who’s smile lifted your spirits while you battled to regain your health.
or a silent companion through a time of loss, who understood the pain you felt.

You may lead peace protests to follow a dream, through racial prejudice and degradation,
or break boundaries in business, sports, and the arts, or as leader of this powerful nation.
From anonymous allies sharing what they have, to give others what they desperately need.
To the altruistic advocates giving irreplaceable time, because in their heart…love is free.
Great teachers, like candles, who consume themselves, lighting the way for those they reach,
understanding that who they are to a child is far more important than what they teach.
Rarely do they grasp the impact that’s made on the lives of those they touch.
They seldom fathom that what comes natural to them could affect another so much.
No…heroes are not always celebrated, and often insufficient homage is paid.
Like to the moms and dads who do their best to raise the heroes of tomorrow…today.

I could go on for hours sighting examples of heroes and deeds we hear that they do,
what’s important, when considering heroic needs, is to examine the hero in you.
See there is no hero’s application, no entrance exam or courses you take.
Your eligibility is determined by the way that you live and the decisions that you make.
So, next time you see a situation of need that sparks a frantic search for a hero.
The good news is you don’t have far to look, there’s one standing in front of your mirror.

Copyright © 2009 by William T. Holt


  1. Thanks so much for this post, someone asked me to read this and it helps me understand that the little things that I sometimes do make a difference, that motivates me to keep doing them...

  2. ohh yeahh...the earthquake in skool spanish teacher started a fundraiser for it and she worked and extra day or two so thats she could donate $100...the 8th grade..ALONE...raised a tota of $329, +the $100 from my teacher..I'm glad to know that the money we gathered went to help others in need. Good Job Thomkat!! :) love ya!


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