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Monday, January 18, 2010

Calling All Heroes

My Grandfather used to say "so...what are you going to DO about it?"

In retrospect, I sit back in awe at how my grandfather could summarize hours of internal confusion, soul searching and mental anguish with these simple words. You see, as I would spend my time focused on the problem, he was directing me to focus on the solution which was consistently found in the form of action.

At some point any of us can find ourselves in search of a hero. Whether to come in with a miracle solution to save us from our own series of unfortunate events, or to swoop in and help a situation we observe via news or first hand. We dread these horrific events that has ravage our fellow humans leaving them flailing in an ocean of destruction and despair, and when you see these circumstances, we want someone to "Do Something".

There have been no shortage of these examples recently; 9/11 in New York, hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the Tsunami in Indonesia or recently the earthquake in Haiti, the list goes on and on. Then again, maybe it's closer to home; a family finding themselves homeless due to the economy, a loved one with some terminal disease or children suffering the consequences of adult's poor decisions. We have all been audience to disaster in some form or another, some closer than others. The obvious question is what did you do about it?

Here is a challenge, take this simple question my grandfather posed, as I do in situations that I face and use it to provoke the man (or woman) in your mirror. There are always people out there looking for a hero, but not enough being heroic. I know you may be thinking "well, I am no hero", ironically, do you want to know where I heard that very statement last? A man said it during an interview on a news cast with the caption below him reading "Local Hero saves elderly woman".

Here is something that I have learned about real heroes, they don't know they are heroes until they have done something that someone else sees as heroic. In their eyes, they just did what they could do at that moment, but the key is...they DID something. Take inventory of your current sphere of influence, what is there available that you can apply some action to? Is there someone that can use some sacrificial funds you can produce, or can you donate some time or food to someone in need? Whatever it my be, I encourage you to "Do Something" for someone today big or small, you may never know the full impact it has on the recipient, but you can rest assured that you made a difference. Be Blessed.

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  1. True..the real heroes are the ones that see a problem and DO something abot ti, rather than just stand there and say "aww how sad"...Nice blog! Keep up the Good work Daddy! love ya!


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